Nisqually Wildlife Refuge – Seasons

Bald eagle in flight

Bald eagle in flight over Nisqually Wildlife Refuge

For some time now we’ve been making regular pilgrimages to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, just north of Olympia, Washington. A part of our focus has been to try to capture the abundance of wildlife that inhabits the refuge across all four seasons: ducklings swimming alongside their mothers in spring; a black-tailed deer caught in the fading light of the summer solstice; sea lions and seals in autumn; a peregrine falcon in winter trying to unnerve a great horned owl and its owlet. From bald eagles and red-tailed hawks, to tiny wrens and warblers, to even tinier woolly bear caterpillars, Nisqually is an exceptional snapshot of how wonderful and wonderfully diverse life is, and it seemed time again to post some photos, both new and old, highlighting our recurring trips there.

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