Africa or Bust! Featured in Getaway Magazine

MKs on an Early Morning Encounter

MKs on an Early Morning Encounter

We’re happy to announce that Getaway Magazine has invited us to be contributing blog writers for their wonderful travel blog, and to share some of the stories, advice, and lessons learned from our honeymoon travels in Africa.

You can read our first post — a recap of our time volunteering for ALERT at Antelope Park — here:

A Volunteering Honeymoon in Zimbabwe.

We look forward to sharing many more stories and adventures with Getaway, and would like to thank them for the opportunity to do so!

  • Van den Bossche

    FANTASTIC news!!!

    • kim

      Thanks for being such a great supporter, Sylvie!

  • Tracey Farrell

    Hi Kim and Craig
    We’ve not met but just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blogs about AP. I’m heading there on March 19th for a month and cant wait (sorry not intentionally trying to make you jealous – altho by the sound of it you will be returning yourselves). I have laughed many times whilst reading your entries…about both the animal wildlife and the two legged variety, and I’m looking forward to my own experiences whatever they shall be during my time there. Congrats on having your blogs recognised in Getaway Magazine.
    Tracey Farrell

    • kim

      Thank you, Tracey. You are going to have an amazing time at AP! And yes, we are jealous….but we are working on a plan and hope to be back in Africa this year. Enjoy every moment and every experience while you’re there. And say hi to all the lions for us especially the P’s and the L’s. And a big kiss for Big Boy from me (from a distance, of course!)

    • craig

      Massive thanks, Tracey! And as Kim said (and not to sound too cliched) you are indeed going to have an AMAZING adventure! Even the times when you think you aren’t, I guarantee that when you look back on them you’ll laugh and miss everything and everyone all the more.

      Please give Lewa + Laili and Penya + Paza a big hug for us! And if you could make sure Milo and Waks are taking good care of our hearts (which I’m sure they are), I’d very much appreciate it.

      And, of course, we’re looking forward to hearing YOUR stories!

  • Tracey Farrell

    I would be very happy to be your official lion hugger!! Will report back on your babies…altho me thinks they may be slightly bigger babies than when you left. Don’t worry Craig, I have the pens and notebook all ready to go. Am desperately hoping to visit the Ngamo Pride and seeing Milo, his girls, AT1 and of course the new arrivals. Milo is certainly proving to be a good daddy – certainly nothing wrong with his mojo!! haha. I believe Phyre may soon be a mum again too. I will tell them that you will be back to see them soon. I’m stretching the budget (which is short for living on bread and water for the remainder of the year) and going for the river tent..looking forward to sunrises and coffee!


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