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Lion Feed

The same day we went to make some field recordings of the lions roaring, we were invited at the last minute to return to BPG for a midday lion feed. It's intense being on the other side of the fence and having a half-dozen or so 400-pound hungry male cats running full speed directly at you. An E-ticket ride if ever there was one.

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Field Recordings

What can't be accurately described with words or photos are the lush bush sounds at Antelope Park. Each night there was a cacophony of croaking frogs loud enough to drown out most everything else. Except, that is, the sounds of lions roaring up at BPG. This time I was determined to capture both, and brought recording equipment to do just that.

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Lewa + Laili


I took a grand total of three pictures of Lewa and Laili, all of them of the former's butt. It wasn't my intention, but considering we spent only about five minutes with the pair and weren't allowed any closer than ten meters to them, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

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