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Goodbye Paza

This is the part of the story where I'd like to say that I spent the night dreaming of lions. That King Milo came to see me, and beside the river outside our tent, amidst the roars of the other lions in his kingdom, we sat and talked about a great many things. Secrets that the wind has shared with him that he's now sharing with me.

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It’s an Ugly Thing, This Killing Business

Early morning encounter (EME) with the MK's

The MK's have given chase to something, but it's hard to tell what it is from our vantage point. 100 meters up the road we pull up alongside the lead vehicle and see Kali, Mara, Meeka, and Moyo, towering over a sub-adult zebra. The zebra is on its back, braying at the top of its lungs, kicking its hooves, and rolling from side-to-side – still very much alive. One of the lionesses has tucked her face into the zebra's rear end, where it was presumably taken down, and is, literally, eating it alive.

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A Horse Is a Horse, of Course of Course!

Silver Dime

AP has between 20-30 horses and mules on site and every volunteer spends at least one full day with them. I'm excited, but also nervous. I have never been near a horse before, let alone ridden one. Well, that's not entirely true. I do remember going on a pony ride when I was quite little; you know the type where the ponies are chained to a center pole and you go around in circles? Fun for a kid, but I don't consider it legitimate horse experience.

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