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Barcelona By Tastes – La Pepita

La Pepita was just the type of place I had hoped for. With the energy of a favorite neighborhood restaurant, it was absolutely packed. We decided to give ourselves over to the chef and let them choose which tapas to bring out for us to share, and with a lovely bottle of Catalan wine to accompany the meal the dishes started to arrive quickly.

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Four hours into our eight-hour bus ride to Vic Falls I knew I'd made a huge mistake. I could see it coming, and I only have myself to blame for such foolish actions. I knew better, I should have acted better, and now I found myself paying the price after leaving Antelope Park.

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Lion Feed

The same day we went to make some field recordings of the lions roaring, we were invited at the last minute to return to BPG for a midday lion feed. It's intense being on the other side of the fence and having a half-dozen or so 400-pound hungry male cats running full speed directly at you. An E-ticket ride if ever there was one.

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