Summer Bounty


They said it couldn’t be done. They said I didn’t have what it takes. I say, revenge is best served… à la mode!

Edited to add: Every year our apple tree gives us more fruit than we could possibly turn into apple pie or other tasty foods, so this year we decided to donate our extra apples to City Fruit, a Seattle-based non-profit who, among other good things, harvests edible fruit from urban trees in Seattle neighborhoods that would otherwise go to waste. The fruit they collect is donated to local food banks and other organizations and distributed to low income residents as a way to help bring healthy food to the table.

 Many of the clients who receive our fruit are immigrants living in SE and SW Seattle.  This July, the state’s Food Assistance Program for Legal Immigrants cut benefits in half – cuts that will make it even more difficult for an estimated 30,000 people to access healthy food. In light of this, fresh local fruit becomes even more important.

If you live in the Seattle area and have a fruit tree whose bounty goes unused, check out City Fruit and consider donating your extra so other families can similarly enjoy a healthy urban harvest.

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