Grand Canyon

View from Walhalla Plateau

View from Walhalla Plateau

Our first full day in Southern Utah found us on the road once again… to Arizona. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon to be exact. Neither of us had been to the Grand Canyon before and a morning spent driving in, around, over, and through some of its scenic vistas seemed the perfect way to inaugurate our arrival. Inside the park entrance, bison lingered while dozens of cars pulled off to the side of the road to photograph them munching on grass. After a short hike out to a very windy Bright Angel Point, holding on tight as we stood at the look-out that cantilevered over the edge of the canyon. We took a late lunch in the North Rim Lodge’s dining room, listening to the waitstaff tell each guest about their “delicious hot and cold buffet bar” in monotone and robotic voices. It felt like we were in a scene straight out of Twin Peaks.

The afternoon was spent taking in amazing views from Point Imperial, Vista Encantada, Roosevelt Point, and a very busy Walhalla Overlook, where from each we watched wildfires burning across the canyon’s South Rim. As the day started to fade we began the drive back to Kanab, marveling at the majesty of the Grand Staircase-Escalante in the distance and looking for a proper coffee amidst the various guns, ammo, lotto tix and beer stores we passed along the way. It’s nice to know Arizona has a guns-and-ammo-slash-liquor-store on the border with Utah – just in case, you know. Just in case.

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  • Mark Gleave

    Spectacular photos!

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