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Ita Zano

African Elephant (Loxodonta africana)

We haven't seen a family pride yet - until now. Camouflaged within the grass we see some movement, and then one by one a whole family appears: one male, two females, and eight beautiful cubs! Craig reflexively eeowws at the little cubs, and one of the younger ones eeowws back and starts heading towards the truck. I turn to Craig and say, "I'm calling them the Honeymoon Pride!"

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On the Hunt!

Our pride - Lucy, Leo, Sal

After a busy morning stalking their territory's indigenous prey species - namely, humans - the K+C Pride's combined hunting efforts paid off and they were rewarded with a breakfast of wet food (chicken and lobster, not human). Afterwards, Lucy, Leo, and Sal retired to a favorite outcrop for a much deserved nap.

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