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An ongoing, semi-regular series profiling people we’ve met along the way whose devotion to social, environmental, or animal issues we admire, who’ve fallen in love with some of the same far-flung corners of the world we have, or whose passion and adventures have simply inspired us. There may be no rhyme or reason in who we choose to profile, or their stories, but there is an abundance of heart and spirit in each.

Profiles – Kirsty Lynas

Kirsty + Paza + Penya

The second time I met Kirsty was during our first encounter with the Ngamo Pride. In the back of a Land Rover watching this very unique group of lions go about their daily routine, I spent as much time watching Milo and Co. as I did paying attention to Kirsty – how effortlessly she recognized each lion, her understanding of each lion’s place in the pride’s hierarchy, her unbridled giddiness at being witness to a long and luxurious grooming session between several of the lionesses, and the way she notated every behavior of each lion in detail. Meticulous detail. It was obvious Kirsty was in her element out in the Ngamo release site, and it felt like having pitch side seats at a cup final.

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Profiles – Cliff Schmidt of Literacy Bridge

Cliff Schmidt of Literacy Bridge

The Talking Book is a deceptively simple device, but one that carries a hefty punch. Its purpose? To bring accessible knowledge in an oral form on issues of health, agriculture, maternity, and other topics, for people who might not otherwise have access."There is one thematic idea here," says Literacy Bridge Executive Director Cliff Schmidt. "Illiteracy is preventing people from leading healthy lives and increasing their income and productivity."

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