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Barcelona By Tastes

It's no wonder then that as we were planning our trip to Barcelona food was going to be high on the agenda. With just four nights I spent months doing research, reading reviews and articles, and pouring over websites. There were so many options, and even more opinions. It was overwhelming. But in the end, we narrowed it down to four we hoped would both satisfy and delight: La Pepita, Tickets, Hisop, and 41 Degrees.

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The Forecast

"What's the forecast today? Rice, potatoes, some vegetables (probably carrots and peas, or maybe creamed spinach), chicken or beef (or chicken and beef), salad, and some dessert." You might think that when traveling to Africa you may lose a little weight. You certainly aren't concerned about gaining weight. It's not like going to Italy, where you know you're going to gorge yourself on pasta and gelato, washed down with copious amounts of wine. But thank goodness we were engaged in daily physical labor and long walks in the hot sun, because in the heart of Zimbabwe we ate like kings and queens.

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