Monthly Archives: June 2013

Open Letter to Seattle City Mayor and Council Regarding Woodland Park Zoo’s Elephant Task Force

Dear Mayor McGinn and Seattle City Councilmembers: Is it now your position to remain conspicuously silent while the Woodland Park Zoo Elephant Task Force (better referred to as a "task farce") conducts its meetings and rubber stamps the zoo's intention of keeping Watoto, Bamboo, and Chai behind bars for the rest of their days for the amusement of a paying public?

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Profiles – Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences Zambia Club

“I would say that volunteering and seeing the world can be so eye opening and life changing if you allow it to be. You need to always keep an open mind and put in the time and effort to meet new people and become close with them because that is how your views change and you start to see things in a different way.” -Emma Yuh Coleman

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